Thursday, February 2, 2012

A New Day Has Begun

Yesterday is past. Tomorrow is 24 hours away. Today is a new opportunity to spread some literary cheer.

I am an author and want to share my work with you. I also want to highlight other authors, readers, bloggers, small presses, etc that are a part of my world.

In this blog, I want you to get to know each other by offering a "Did You Know" feature where authors, bloggers and readers can reveal little known facts about themselves. These insights will help us to better understand what lies behind the names we have become familiar with.

Do you have any deep dark secrets you want to reveal? How about any hobbies or work that you would like to tell us about? Share with us your accomplishments, awards, or maybe even a funny, embarrassing experience so that we can get to know you better.

Check out the "Did You Know" page to discover the little known facts about the folks we associate with. If you want to be featured on this page, contact me at greta799(at)yahoo(dot)com. Love to have you!!

I also want to do character interviews, so we can have a deeper appreciation of what we read. The characters we write about sometimes have a story of their own that needs to be expressed in his/her/its own words.

Be sure to check out the page for "Character Interviews." If any authors would like to paticipate, you can contact me at greta799(at)yahoo(dot)com.

I also want to spread the word about an autoimmune disorder called ITP. I have this chronic blood disorder and want to make others aware of this terrible disease. Other ITPers express their thoughts, artwork and rants on the "ITP...In Our Words." Please take a look at this page and learn about our roller coaster rides dealing with this world wide yet unknown chronic disease.


Join me and hopefully we can make this a beautiful day for everyone.


vickiejohnstone said...

Hi I'm first!!! :)))
I have stepped where no writer has stepped... yet :) Good luck with your blog!

Greta Burroughs said...

Thanks Vickie,
Still getting it set up before I make a grand announcement. I've got to figure out how to do everything first, then I'm a herd of turtles.

Dannye Williamsen said...

I can relate to the "herd of turtles" comment! LOL

Greta Burroughs said...

Indeed Dannye, indeed!!!

Per Holbo Rasmussen said...

Hi, Greta,
Found your blog via twitter and just wanted to say hello. I´m ashamed to admit I haven´t read any of your books, but perhaps some day, I will.

Judging from your first name, I suspect you are of Scandinavian heritage?

Greetings from Denmark - Per Holbo

Greta Burroughs said...

Hello Per,
Thank you for looking at my blog. I hope you liked it. I just started it about a month ago and am looking for contributors if you have anything you would like to share in 'Character Interviews' or 'Did you Know'

Unfortunately, I really do not know where my family originated, probably Europe since my family name is Wilson.

Have a great day, Per and again thank you for looking at my blog.

Leland said...

Good luck with the blogging! Great photos, by the way!

Greta Burroughs said...

Thank you Leland!!!

Anonymous said...
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